Guidelines for presentation

Oral Presentation

Presentations should be a clear representation of the material accepted by the programme committee. Presenters should endeavour to communicate their work with coherence and clarity and be aware of the broad spectrum of delegate languages. Do not stifle your presentation with special effects and full paragraphs of text. Rehearse your presentation and take note of its duration. Please ensure that you save your PowerPoint presentation as a PowerPoint Show (.pps file), it is the only file that can be uploaded.

Length: 15 minutes and additional 5 minutes for Q&A. Language: English

File Size: 25mb Max. save as a .pps file.

Layout and Style: Microsoft PowerPoint slides (in landscape format only) should be prepared as follows (according to template available on the website)

Fonts: Standard fonts only, e.g. Times New Roman & Arial

Graphics: Size should be minimal (80 KB – 200 KB). JPEG format only

Movie Clips: Only if essential and small

Audio: Only if essential and small

Copies: Please note that you need to bring your files on USB memory stick (presentations are to be delivered using Microsoft PowerPoint) to the Speakers

Preparation Room THE DAY BEFORE your presentation. The slides will then be preloaded onto the audiovisual company’s PC. Presentations should be uploaded via our on-line system.

Download the presentation template(ppt) here

Poster Presentation

Poster should be a visual representation of reviewed material, which can initiate an informal discussion. We request that after accepting the invitation to present your work, that you upload a 300 (max.) word abstract through the website.

Size: Posters should be 120cm tall and 80cm wide.

Layout and Style:

Title - The title should include author’s names, affiliations and email address’.

Flow - The flow of the chart should be clear and logical. Individual pages should be numbered

Handouts - Ideally one-page handouts with overview of poster and contact details

Presenter – Have a photograph with a contact detail whilst you are at Congress i.e.

Email address or mobile number.

Register of Interest - a sheet of paper for people whom would like further details to leave contact details

Submission - At least one author of the poster should be present at conference.

Presenters should bring their posters with them to the conference where you will set up your posters according to the number previously given; materials will be available for you to do this. The posters will be dismantled by authors at an allotted time.

Download the poster template here